I'm a STORYTELLER. If I were to tell you my story, I would want to tell you how I learned the power of storytelling at a young age, how I developed storytelling techniques over 18 years, how I've bounded music and social together to help musicians take off and close record deals, how I traveled the world delivering hand-crafted drums to 3rd world countries, how I produced videos for youtubers that gained attention from Forbes magazine who named them Top 10 social influencer to follow... but I'd rather you click HERE to watch how I live out my passion.



I’m a Creative. If I were to tell you my story, I would start from the very beginning when creativity was an outlet for coping with the world around me. How I learned the advantages of story telling through creative expression in multiple forms: drawing, paint, photography, filmmaking, and writing – and how those forms opened up a whole new world for me when I discovered I could turn my love for creative expression and story telling into more than just something I did for fun. I could tell you a lot…but why read when you could hear it for yourself? 



I'm a problem solver! For as long as I can remember, I would be the first one in a group to assess the problem and come up with at least 3 solutions. I have a passion for taking people from where they are now, to where they dream of being. That process looks different for every single person, and it's my love of problem solving that helps find the path for their road map to success.